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Producer of non-stick kitchen utensils and "quality is not accidental nor is it endless", it was the basic thought of a man who forty years ago persuaded him to embark on a tremendous endeavor to bear this fruit. , Became a company called Desert Teflon, which was able to accomplish its goal in the early years. His main motto was "Quality is not the end" and so shined that he was able to make Teflon Desert a Roller Coating and Spray Coating System in Year 2 as the sole holder of the system.It was recognized in Iran. The progress and effort of Vatanki engineer and his specialized personnel over the years has made him able to present his Iranian goods to the world with the highest quality in line with international developments and export his products to different countries. Applying the standard Iranian mark, obtaining a license from the Food and Drug Administration, and Iso 9000 certification, in Iso 17025 quality management system and deploying a spray and die cast system, are major steps towards achieving quality and demonstrating the institutionalization of goals. The eternal and eternal slogan of evilThe Teflon coat has been a desert. Today, global technology, and especially the Internet, surrounds us with incredible speed, and in this regard, Teflon Desert Company, for the benefit of our customers, has needed the Internet sales of Teflon Desert products to compete widely with Iranian and high quality products to the general public. To supply.

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