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Taleghan Green Plants Company was established in 2003 with the aim of producing and trading privately in Alborz Sepehr Industrial City. The aim of the company was initially to pack cereals, sugar and sugar spices, which was active in the field of sugar packaging for a short period until 2016. In the year 1395 with the change of management and licensing of cereal packaging, sugar and cereal packaging has also begun to produce and package dried fruits. Contribute to the country's financial growth and economic development in terms of providing healthy food, innovation and excellenceIt is boiling. Taleghan Green Plants Company (Joshun), with rich experience in the field of food packaging and utilizing its material and spiritual facilities such as direct access to the largest and most reputable suppliers of goods, the use of dedicated and dedicated personnel, commercial and dynamic communications. The following products and services are offered domestically: Production, processing and packaging of various foods including: 1- Grains, 2- Spices, 2- Dried fruits ,- Various kinds of flour and powders ,- Dried vegetables ,_- Sugar ,-_ Seeds and Nuts;2- Taleghan Green Plants Saffron Company, using its technical and financial capability, has endeavored to expand its activities in this field through the participation and investment of other businesses in a context of economic prosperity and mutual respect, emphasizing the principle of good faith and Trustee welcomes.

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