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Idea Part Nikan Company started its activity in 2005. This company entered the field of production with the support of the knowledge and experience of its specialists who have been active in the country's automotive industry for many years. The goals of the company are to produce quality products in the shadow of continuous optimization of production methods, application of new technologies and proper use of quality raw materials. And also this company with innovation in production methods and innovation in the use of materials, increasing reduction of overhead and waste costs, reduction and elimination of molding costs with the help of new production methods, the cost priceControlled the product. Idea Part Nikan Company cooperates with Kerman Khodro-Pars Khodro-Bahman Group-APCO Iran Khodro-Steko Saipa-Aszi Tabriz Tractor companies and ..... In addition, a wide range of products are offered to the after-sales service market.

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