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Helko Sahargaz Production Group started producing gas fittings in 2001 from a small workshop located in Razavieh town of Tehran. At first, it started to produce a limited number of welding elbows. Launching a three-way production unit and with the help of God Almighty become one of the largest producers of gas connections. Since 1390, our goal has been focused on producing high quality products. By studying and trying to update the production method easilyWe produce Sardandeh with a higher quality than foreign samples and Iranian brands. Helko Sahar Gas Production Group has been able to be one of the pioneers of gas welding fittings industry in Iran by taking advantage of stable management and committed and specialized staff, and has a significant market share. Holds. In general, it includes various types of gas connections such as: Manisman elbows and Manisman three-way joints and Manisman head joints with seams and Manisman transformers with seams and Caps and nipples with seams, and all kinds of base and ordinary and yellow clamps with a diameter of 1/2 Inches to 4 inches bAshd. Sahar Gas is constantly improving the existing products and producing newer and thicker products by using the latest technologies and is trying to be at the top of the quality in the market and in order to ensure the quality of raw materials while supplying the best steel pipes. Internal resources control the quality and accuracy of their products by conducting regular and continuous tests. Sahar Gas Production Group, with more than 19 years of brilliant experience in the production of various types of gas welding fittings, intends as a comparative competitive advantage and in order to achieve a greater market share, productsTo offer its superior quality to increase customer satisfaction and believes that the customer knows the value of superior quality.

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