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Aria Broadcasting Company Exclusive Agent of Flower Plant Products in KermanComplete Flower Agent Company is currently the exclusive agent of French accredited cosmetic brand Darmagor, Item, Pharma Darius, Adenis, Gilles Boute, Dermabai, Jelly Dreisand Christian Dreisand ccd and amed are pregnancy and infertility products in Iran. Golbuteh Company believes in increasing its profitability and sustainability in the satisfaction of its consumers and strives to meet the demands of its brand lovers while maintaining the quantity and quality of its products.Have a lasting tenure in the country. Imports from the country's legal bases, use of Ministry of Health approvals, verification of product authenticity labels and the use of traceable product barcodes are among the measures taken to ensure consumer confidence that the product is genuine. In its long-term prospects, with the slogan "Health in business" achieving maximum market share, the company, along with customer satisfaction, sees its goals and has taken positive steps in this regard.

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