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Qasr Choob Furniture, using its many years of experience in the production and sale of furniture and office equipment in accordance with the standards and tastes of customers, has been able to take a big step towards the flourishing of the furniture industry. Qasr Choob, with the aim of supporting national and domestic production, maintaining customer orientation and respecting customer rights, makes every effort to deliver orders and products required by customers on time and offers goods at the lowest prices and at a competitive level. To achieve this goal, we strive to adapt work environments and homes to the needs of todayDesign and equip. Qasr Choob utilizing the most advanced technology and knowledge in the world and with its unique production capacity and accumulated valuable experiences in the field of furniture design and construction, product range from office desks, files, libraries, conference tables and partitions to furniture Home, TV tables and bedding services. Quality, safety, environment, basic values ​​of the palace کیفیت Palace of quality in the use of standard raw materials, strict quality controls in production stations and production system with up-to-date knowledge, along withThe attitude of environmental protection has always been its policy. Qasrchoob Industrial Group announces its quality policy as follows: Improving customer satisfaction Continuous improvement in the field of production products Improving the level of training and awareness of Qasrchoob workplace health promotion staff has achieved its privileged position in the light of research, experience, quality and services . Innovation in design and observance of ergonomic principles as a basis for progressive and continuous movement is associated with the palace. In this regard, paying attention to the needs and desires of customers, the main strategy is beyond Qasrchoob. Qasrchoob to serveHe has made a camel his head in all stages. From initial layout design to execution, after-sales service and product warranty. Provide solutions for projects workspace Provide layout plan Provide after-sales service (10 years) Warranty of all products (2 years)

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