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Distribution of hand sanitizer solution and sorulite surfaces √ Contains four very strong oxidants (chlorine, ozone, hydrogen peroxide and chlorine oxide) √ Has a healthy apple with the number 16/24298 can be inquired on the website of the Food and Drug Administration √ Removes 99% of microorganisms in one minute (viruses such as Covid 19, bacteria and fungi) √ The most powerful disinfectant in the world from the perspective of the World Health Organization ایجاد No dryness on the skin of the hand due to the lack of alcohol in the composition دانش Knowledge-based technology that only three countries in the world have achieved.(NaCl membrane electrolysis) √ It is possible to buy single and bulk, packages of two, four, ten and twenty liters √ For disinfection of surfaces with 3 times water, for hands with 5 times water and for disinfection of vegetables and fruits with 10 times water should be combined. خرید To buy, call the sales office of Sorolite Solution at 02188627049.

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