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In 2011, Electro Industrial started its activity in the field of production of repairing equipment. The company initially had 10 staff and over the past years, relying on indigenous knowledge and in line with resilient economic policies, has been able to work in the field of repairing equipment, installing surveillance cameras, installing lamps, elevators and Extend electric shutters. Throughout the years, the company manufactured modern repair equipment and, more importantly, provided free training in the use of products marketed byThe experienced technical staff was able to satisfy its customers. This high-powered production line has outsourced parts production to authorized dealers and authorized subsidiaries under the supervision of Emax personnel to supply the parts required for its products. It has created entrepreneurship in the beloved Iran and has enabled the creative minds of young people. Electricity Company Policy Complete Customer Satisfaction Through Product Production, According To Defined Needs, By PriceEconomic is as soon as possible. This can only be done with customer satisfaction, increasing technology levels and continuous improvement. Now, with the help of our esteemed customers in improving the quality of our products through productive surveys and critiques, we are convincing the company to take a comprehensive step forward in automotive technology development.

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