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dorna plastic

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Behplast: Derna Plastic Yasav factory, producing all kinds of condenser pumps in openings 24 and 28 with the customer's desired colors As well as the size of the hose and the length of the straw according to the customer Production of three-piece dishwashing liquid lid - Production of shampoo lid Managed by Hamid Behmard 09143226987 - 0905550698 To buy concentrated spray products, please call 09143226987 and 09055506987 and Or to the email address Send info@dornaplast.com and dornaplast1400@gmail.com and behplast1393@gmail.com Behplast and Dernaplast on Instagram dorna.plast @ - beh.plast93 #Dernaplastic #Plastic injection #Plastic production #Plastic injection machine #Plastic production machine #All types of condenser pumps #Dishwashing liquid door # Concentrated spray pump # Plastic fruit basket # Shampoo lid # Plastic basket # Ten kg basket # Two-row basket

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