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Deltakala collection was launched in 2014 with the aim of improving the better delivery of home appliances to consumers, and during these years was able to provide quality services by using strong support and experienced staff, then Deltakala decided to offer a variety of digital goods, clothing, handicrafts and home-made products produced by Iranian artists directly and without intermediaries at a more appropriate and easier price to the esteemed consumers so that we can again provide a better service and More complete than beforeWe offer you dear compatriots. The management of this collection has made every effort to create a safe environment for your online shopping and ease of receiving goods so that you, dear compatriots, can use the goods you need in peace with the online shopping service and on-site delivery in the shortest time. To buy the goods you need. This collection always welcomes your points of view and criticism, dear ones, in order to provide a better service worthy of the Iranian personality.

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