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Manufacturer of wood and polymer industries Manufacturer of wooden and polymer fences, Parquet all wood, baseboards and upholstery We are a professional team with a hundred years history in the Iranian fence industry, Our signature is to have innovation and creativity in our work… In 2014, we felt that fundamental innovation and change in the country's fence industry was needed Then, with the aim of creating valuable and unique products, we formed a research and development team to identify the latest methods of producing luxury and high quality fences that are also reasonably priced. Finally doneFrom many researches, we have come to the conclusion that wooden fence is one of the types of fences that has an extraordinary capacity to create innovation in its production. Then, after a lot of effort, we were able to create a new type of wooden fence using a polymer material called ABS. This new type, in addition to having higher strength and resistance, has the ability to paint and make in a variety of molds and shapes. Also, their production takes much less time than wooden fences and their cost is more appropriate. In a wayIt can be said that this new type of fence, in addition to having all the advantages and properties of wooden fences, does not have its disadvantages such as intolerance to moisture and high price. Today, we are proud to have taken a big step towards reviving domestic production and supporting capital and manpower by producing more than 15 different types of polymer fences and exporting them to different countries. Having experienced staff, up-to-date equipment and familiarity with the technical issues of our field of activity is the tool that we use in the production process to make the fence with the highest quality and the most appropriate price.To present the market.

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