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Ahmadi Engineering Technical Group is a provider of automotive electrical parts in bulk and retail and specialized automotive electrical services, which has started its activities since 2011. One of the specialized branches of this collection is sales and professional services in the field of car ECU. Therefore, you can supply the required ASIO, including engine ASIO and gearbox ASIO of domestic and foreign cars, through this set. It is worth mentioning that all the ISOs of this collection are new and come with a company warranty. List of some ISOs that can be provided by G.Ahmadi Engineering Technical Procedure: ISO Value Pride with Immobilizer - ASIO S2000 Pride - ASIO Siemens Normal Large Flash CI14 - ASIO Siemens BioFill Large Flash - ASIO Siemens Large Flash Network - ASIO Siemens Micro Flash Network - ASIO Siemens Flash nogew c Sajem s2000 Peugeot and Samand and 206 - Iso Value slc Peugeot and Samand - Iso Value lc and ilc - Iso Siemens Bayfiol Network - Iso Value j34 - Iso me7.4.4 - Iso me7.4.5 - Iso Siemens 1332 and 1334 - Iso tu5 and ef7 - mio iso - bush isio 7.9.7 and ASIO ssat - and ISO of Chinese cars, Hyundai and Kia and European cars, as well as ISO of gearboxes of Iranian cars such as Pars Automat, Peugeot 206 and 207, Renault L90 and also ISO of gearboxes of foreign cars such as all Chinese cars and cars Korean and European companies, including services that can be provided in Ahmadi Engineering Technical Group, the following can be mentioned: . - Software services including BornaRe-fogging and ramping, programming, decoding, key definition, tuning - Production of free educational content on social networks such as Instagram and Aparat, including training with programmers and ISO testers, troubleshooting training with Diag devices, troubleshooting training Barghi Khodro - Holding introductory and specialized courses for Khodro Khodro and ISO repairs in Mashhad, Tehran, Isfahan along with providing valid technical certificates from the technical and professional organization - Providing Khodro Khodro technical services and troubleshooting domestic and foreign cars in Mashhad ecu suitable for car eIt is a specialized job and the ISO model compatible with your car depends on various factors such as the type of engine and the type of car wire handle, production model, gasoline or dual and other technical specifications of the car. Failure to comply with any of these factors in choosing a car ecu can cause several problems. Therefore, our consultants can help you in making the right choice and in addition to ensuring the quality of the product, provide the desired ISO with the best price. Contact us to receive the ISO price and free consultation. Also, dear colleagues in S.The head of the country can also inquire about the ecu price in cooperation by contacting the sales unit. In addition to the above, to buy other electrical parts of the car such as control units (airbag unit and abs unit) airbag frame, throttle, amps and kilometers, types of sensors (oxygen sensor and map sensor, etc.), types of fabric sockets With car wires, coils, spark plugs and wires, you can contact the sales department or buy from the collection's online store.

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