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Behina Manufacturing Group has been active in the production of beverage powders including coffee, coffee mix, cappuccino as well as four types of spices with Behina brand since 1398. These products are produced according to Iranian tastes and in accordance with the necessary health standards. Available in various packages. High quality, both in the technologies used to produce the products and in applying the best raw materials for the production of products, has been the most important reason for Behina's success in the competitive market. That is the reasonSo it can shine well in any market it enters. Product packaging is a way that different groups of customers can easily prepare and use it. Cafes, restaurants, buffets, hotels, chain stores, supermarkets and families are a group of our customers. Quality control and standards of production are the core of the Group's operations, and all products are tested at the various stages of production through our partnered laboratory. The kindness and encouragement you give to your dear customersIt will encourage the growth of the domestic industry and create employment and economic security for the country.

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