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Azarnoush Shokouf Company started in 1997 as the first manufacturer in the field of formulation and production of baking process improvers in cooperation with Kerry Netherlands and is currently one of the pioneers in the production of enzyme and emulsifier based improvers. In addition to providing refiners, the Iranian manufacturer of Kick Gel also contributes to enhancing the quality and increasing market share of Iranian manufacturers' products. This company relies on world-class technical knowledge, experienced personnel, equipped with various test unitsWorkshops, R&D, Pilot and R&D licenses, as well as ISO 1-3, HACCP and ISO 22000 certifications are stepping up to set goals and improve the quality of their products. Or sustainability, noted the creation of fine, soft and uniform texture, increased volume and generally improve the quality of manufactured products. Each product has a specific use depending on the type of end product.

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