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Production and major distribution of comfortable clothing Join our Telegram channel to see the models https://t.me/pakhsheposhakariyana Representation of the most famous Turkish brands, China, Iran Notable distributors of clothing, boutiques and online stores and masons and home distributors of cheap stores, peddlers, auctions Major production and distribution of women's clothing Distribution of all kinds of T-shirts, T-shirts, shorts, tops, blouses, pants, tonic pants, tops and T-shirts, sweatshirts, pants and shorts, etc ... Import of clothing and production of clothing according to position fSali is designed for you dear colleagues. See prices and models and then judge for yourself, you will experience the lowest price guarantee in Iran only with Ariana Turk Join our Telegram channel to see all models We will guarantee you to compare our prices and then buy Ask us for the top brands of Turkey, China and Iran with the lowest prices. Ariana Turk Distribution, with more than 16 years of experience in importing and producing clothing, is ready to provide services to you, dear colleagues. More types of clothingZarmodel is always available Delivery of clothes in Tehran is 2 hours and will be sent to all cities within 24 hours, the cost of sending cargo to freight to send to the city is free and storage cost is less than fifteen thousand tomans for each shipment Accepting representation from all over Iran To receive the catalog and price list of all models, please refer to our channel in Telegram And for more coordination with the management of Mohammad Mohammadi collection or contact the office Address: Tehran - Jomhory Square - Towards Nawab Safavi Highway South - Abdullah Zad AlleyNo. 32 - Ring one Contact number: Mohammad Mohammadi 09129220495 02166904335

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