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Aryan Gohar Company (Argo) is engaged in training and sales of jewelery and gemology equipment. Aryan Gohar Rakhshan Company (Argo) started its activity in the field of milling and baking of precious and semiprecious stones in year 6. The company was officially registered as "Limited" number 3 in March of this year. The purpose of Argo has been to utilize world-class knowledge in the field of gemstone and oncology, so that with the best examples of devices, it can be a great step forward. Industrialization of our beloved country of Iran in this regardGiven that our country is a good platform for the production of precious and semiprecious stones, Argo has introduced many students to the gold and jewelry industry in the field of gemology and jewelery over the years. At the beginning of the year, the company received a license from the country's Technical and Vocational Training Organization under the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, and all students have the opportunity to obtain an official certificate from the organization, which is the most prestigious professional degree in the country. Given Argo's unique abilities in the fields of jewelery and jewelery,Year 2 of the Argo logo was officially registered. Argo also signed the first formal contract with the University of Barcelona, ​​Spain, in year 4. During the contract, Argo Company recruited students in the field of gemology to teach the subject under the direct supervision of the University of Barcelona and eventually awarded a diploma or master's degree (depending on the student's previous education). Students can also take the FEEG European exam with a degree from the University of Barcelona.


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