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Since 1987, we have started entrepreneurship and production in the form of Alloy Company with parts manufacturing and cooperation with large companies such as Iran Khodro and Saipa. Since 2007, we have renamed Aria Aria Alloy and made the company a private company, and we have started our activities in the field of production of industrial parts and various types of filters for the new season. In 2012, we were on the verge of a big decision Yes, the business environment was changing and e-commerce and cyberspace were booming In addition to industrial activities, we are also entering the world of e-commerce this yearWe set up a simple online store to experience this new route In 2015, with the expansion of activities in the field of e-commerce, we equipped the website gandom-t-g.com with the symbol of electronic trust, and we made our activity more professional in the field of e-commerce. Since 1396, we have started a difficult but attractive way and designed a national platform called VCM platform (Virtual Credit Market Platform) and started extensive research in the form of digital and encrypted currencies and a model of public employment on BWe have designed a digital currency and clearing and credit exchange market, and include 11 startups and 9 non-startup subsystems in the collection. 2022 We will enter the global market with 15 million users in the form of avalinco.com website And now, in the latest development of production, entrepreneurship and service worthy of great compatriots, by equipping the research and development system, a big step in creating innovative products.We have it in front of us and we have unveiled the Aquaculture brand under the website www.acokala.com, and by transferring our online store (Wheat Gallery) to this website, we have expanded the production of creative and Magic Shop products along with various public business development plans. We have a home on the agenda Now, this website, with all the support of years of service in the field of production and industry, is in front of your eyes, and your support in this direction will undoubtedly be our greatest energy and motivation, and the efforts of this multi-decade collection in production and trade will go hand in hand. With creativity and atmosphereThose worthy Iranians will put products and services in front of you and will give you only one sentence. All the antiquity and effort and the result of our thinking, dedication to your special and valuable taste

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