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Awakening Night Panel Emergence Panel is the first manufacturer of three-dimensional dream panels, which started its work in 1993 under the management of Mr. Pour Agakhani. They presented their work in full in the program. Advent board offers various designs to your loved ones. Our designs are divided into different categories. Buy 3D backlit panels from us in an original way. The appearance of the first manufacturer toIt is optical blue backlights that these panels are produced with the highest quality. Our panels have a 36-month warranty on color, frame and electricity. They are completely washable. Even with Vitex, the color of the panel cannot be erased. Panels produced by other brands change after 6 months Paint and their color is gradually erased (with a wet handkerchief the color of their paintings goes) Frame material: pvc with good quality Fabric: High quality painting canvas and painting color: black Frame thickness 5 * 5 cm Function with 2 batteries AA pen or direct power operation Type of applicationWall and pendant offered in various designs or in the form of photo orders from the customer, the overall and external size of the panel is 45 * 45 cm, 50 * 70 cm or 100 * 60 cm or 135 * 85 cm, background and backlight worked with LED lighting can be used as a wall hanger to decorate professional home, work and ...

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