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Spadana Sustainable Communications Development Company, founder of startup Wise Networking, gained knowledge and expertise in the management of computer networks and data transmission equipment over wireless and wireless telecommunications platforms. In 1977, after years of scientific and practical experience, formally began research and development in the field of design and production of WiFi equipment. The focus of the company is on making Indoor Wi-Fi access points with centralized management by Controller software and designOutdoor products are available for Point to Point and Point to Multi Point services. In this regard, with the cooperation of several foreign and domestic companies and utilizing the potential of all, the company has been able to circumvent sanctions with specific ideas, and by outsourcing some processes as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Be ...

Computer hardware

Iranian's WCAP AC L Aceesspoint Access Point
Iranian's Waky Taki Wireless Network Server 30 users
Iranian's WCAP AC AccessPoint Access Point
Iranian's WCAC WiFi Management hardware controller

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