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Handicrafts are part of the cultural body of every nation and are the mirror of their thoughts, aspirations and beliefs. The fine art of cashmere weaving in Iran is 400 years old and its theme comes from Indian cashmere fabrics that were produced by the Iranians many years ago in India. Iran to know because after the rare campaigns, India was considered part of Iran, and some believeThat weaving cashmere first started in Iran and then found Kashmir. What can be said about this delicate fabric is that it has Iranian taste and ingenuity and elegance of texture. It is as if the art of Shah Abbas Safavi reached its peak of development and has become world famous and has become one of the export products of Iran. But nowadays because of the variety of your audience, cashmere in color and other designs as wellIn the past, cashmere has had a variety of uses, including the use of backpacks and desktops, etc. The term cashmere, which was formerly called gold weaving, was prevalent in Yazd, Kerman, Khorasan, even in Azerbaijan. Today, it is only limited to Yazd, the second largest city in the world. Like the people of other beloved areas of Iran, the people of Yazd have made a tremendous effort to promote their handmade art and have a paradise of flowers and teak paradise. Woven fabrics create their own.

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