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Manufacturer and distributor of geosynthetic materials for waterproofing and sealing of agricultural pools (polymer pools), water storage pools, tunnels, roof gardens, etc. Types of PVC and polyethylene pipes and insulation Coatings, ceramics and ... Supply site owned by Pars Plateau Engineering Company with the help of Almighty God in year 6 due to a group of graduates of Tehran University with scientific research approach and engineering approach to supplying the required product for national project contractors. Effortless. Pars Plateau basedThe common needs of the contracting community have led to the idea of ​​distributing industrial products for the first time in Iran. On the basis that the supply of goods by Pars Plateau has many advantages over the traditional way of supplying goods.

Rubber & Plastic

Iranian's Dump Sheet
Iranian's PVC Geomembrane Sheet
Iranian's Geogrid
  • Geogrid
  • Quantity in pack: 1 Meter
Iranian's PE sheets
Iranian's Elastomeric insulation
Iranian's Three layer PVC U PVC pipes
Iranian's WaterTrust

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