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Manufacture and supply of various types of cellulose and nylon products

Pad and toilet paper

Iranian's Box of napkins 300 leaves
Iranian's Papaya 200 sheet napkin
Iranian's Adult Lifestyle Isizi Large Size
Iranian's Twin Flying Towels
  • Twin Flying Towels
  • Quantity in pack: 16 pack
  • Price of one pack : 0.83 $
  • Price per package : 13 $
Iranian's Duffy baby wipes
  • Duffy baby wipes
  • Quantity in pack: 40 piece
  • Price of one piece : 1.13 $
  • Price per package : 45 $
Iranian's Soft Twin Toilet Twin
Iranian's Mulfix diaper size 4
Iranian's Toilet paper 4 Tone oven

Disposable containers

Iranian's Disposable cup 500 pcs

Laundry detergent

Iranian's Washing machine powder 500 grams test
Iranian's 2 liter garment softener floral scent test
Iranian's 2 liter test cloth softener
Iranian's 3-liter washer fluid test
Iranian's Test 3-liter Meshkin Fluid
Iranian's Amazing 1 liter dress softener test smell amazing
Iranian's Washing machine powder 2 kg test
Iranian's Washing powder 4kg test

Cleaning and dusting

Iranian's Dishwasher 1 liter test

Hair Care

Iranian's Original Chico Baby Shampoo

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