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Paara With 27 years of experience in the production of socks and underwear 27 years ago, Paara started socks with men's sock knitting machines that were the first word in the sock industry in their time. Although simple but superior in socks quality, these machines increased the capacity of their socks to 500 gins a day by importing single-cylinder and two-cylinder nano-fiber socks from Italy. Para Ara has taken a new step in the sock industry and has made steady progress so far.And has been able to proudly provide our customers with new and desirable services. Attractive color schemes on socks are designed by the most experienced graphic designers and then transferred to the computer. The constant supervision of managers and employees in the production of nanosocks has led to an exemplary order in the process of socks production. The stretch of these nano-socks made in Paara does not remove the leg and does not extend from the inner part of the nipple and strings. Footwear company hundreds of times washing antibacterial and antifungal properties and most importantly anti-odorDo not lose the vein. Woven socks with nano-particles and fibers have therapeutic properties and, according to experts, utilize nano-particles that are silver particles to help circulate the body. The nanoparticles used in the foot socks have been sucked into the fiber at 250 ° C and have never been sprayed with a single wash. The socks are based on specialized tests at the laboratory of the University of Tehran and the Pasteur Institute, which has resulted in a very positive result in non-spillage of nanoparticles. Good luck to youIt offers the most sophisticated types of ordinary and nano socks and has always strived to enhance its quality.

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