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Gohar Azadeh Institute as the first and foremost virtual law education institute in the field of law education to promote educational justice and promote the scientific level of the country's legal community. Online Masters offers top online virtual law education courses through video DVDs that prepare candidates for upcoming legal exams. Tests such as: Attorney Test, Judgment Test, Official Document Test, Senior Law Exam, and ... Online Master of Laws Differentiation from Other InstitutionsTraining through their unique site and app so that volunteers can access their favorite course at any time and place, and another is the use of leading professors in each discipline. The online Master's Law Website is currently offering the following courses and services, and some will be added soon: Online Attorney Exam Preparation Course (Online Professors Group) Online Judicial Exam Preparation Course (Complete Online Professors Group) Civil Rights in Virtual and DVD by Dr. Mohammad Mehdi T.Virtual Lawyer and DVD Business Law Teaching by Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Tavaklidureh Virtual Law Rules Teaching Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Tavaklidore Virtual and DVD Criminal Procedure Teaching by Amin Bakhshizadeh Ahmadoura Virtual Law Supporting Terrorism Law Teaching Zahir Ahmadoura Virtual Political Crime Law Teaching by Amin Bakhshi Zadeh Ahrio.

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