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Nick Arman Gostaresh Health Company and Noah brand owner entered the food industry market with the aim of producing healthy, natural, high quality and processed food products in summer. To achieve this goal, Nick Arman Gostaresh Health Company, by employing specialized human resources and employing modern technologies, adheres to international standards and customer-oriented variety of products, in a beautifully named Iranian and Iranian market. Noah brand developer Nick Arman is proud to have healthy andSpecialize in packaging that deserves Iranian products by employing creative and capable individuals with the investment of the private sector for home and abroad. Nick Arman Gostaresh Health Company intends to be one of the top five Iranian healthy food supply companies on the horizon and be recognized as one of the leading Iranian companies in the Middle East food supply chain. Nick Arman Gostaresh Health Company is committed to focusing on two fundamental pillars of customer value creation and respect for nature.Implements and implements the following objectives and policies: Continuous and universal efforts to achieve continuous improvement of service quality, products, packaging and activities to enhance customer satisfaction by providing innovative and innovative products through research and research on the talents and capabilities of the country. To increase product portfolio Increase staff knowledge and awareness of teamwork and motivate their participation in business processes to enter new markets with the aim of achieving quantitative goals, expanding diversity and increasing production levels as the quality of follow-up and performance increases.Voting the latest laws, regulations and requirements in the food and environmental industries through compliance with relevant standards

Food & Beverage

Iranian's Noah's hazelnut chocolate
Iranian's Noah Diet Peanut Butter
Iranian's Noah simple peanut butter
Iranian's Noah's pure will
  • Noah's pure will
  • Quantity in pack: 45 piece
  • Price of one piece : 2.15 $
  • Price per package : 96 $
Iranian's Noah Cinnamon Butter Butter
Iranian's Noah's chocolate brownie


Iranian's Noah pistachio butter
Iranian's Noah Pistachio Cream
  • Noah Pistachio Cream
  • Quantity in pack: 45 piece
  • Price of one piece : 3.10 $
  • Price per package : 139 $

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