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Nikan Plastic is one of the most reputable distribution brands of plastic products in Iran, which has been able to design and produce the best plastic products, including: plastic kitchen utensils, all kinds of stools, all kinds of bathroom and toilet accessories, plastic pots, etc., by using the latest technologies in the world. And provide the most beautiful products to dear applicants. Nikan Plastic offers a variety of dishes and accessories with various designs and colors in the best quality to meet the diverse tastes of its valued customers. اIn addition to beauty, this brand offers high quality products to customers. Dear customers, you can use all Nikan Plastic products and give beauty and originality to your life. Nikan Plastic is proud to have brought peace and comfort to its customers with the support of more than half a century of experience in distributing the highest quality and most durable plastic products. Experience quality, beauty and durability with us.

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