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Mahan Fam Refining Co. Manufacturer and exporter of 60/70, 70/50, 80/100 bitumen in bulk packages and 150, 180 and 200kg barrels to Turkey, Afghanistan, Georgia, Pakistan, Iraq and other CIS countries. Mahan Fam Refining) in the field of production and export of bitumen, isogam and petroleum derivatives as well as in the field of construction industry with its two subsidiaries under the name East Asian Roofing with 14 years experience in bitumen and isogam production and Sharmanaz Engineering Company 12 years of activity in the field of building began its activityhost. The head office of this company is located in north of Tehran and the factory of bitumen, isogam and petroleum products with daily capacity of 1300 tons with export quality in land of more than 10,000 square meters in Jannatabad industrial town. Mpafa manufactures and supplies various types of bitumen, viscosity and special orders in various packaging methods including 150, 180 and 200kg barrels, polybag and bulk with the highest quality standards in production, logistics and customer service along with inter-inspection International qualitative and quantitative meet customer needs in the shortest timeTen does. Currently exporting all kinds of petroleum products to more than 10 countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar and Vietnam and trying to expand its trade and penetrate markets. New is coming soon. The state-of-the-art technology, skilled manpower and creativity in production make Mpafa Group deliver the highest quality service to its customers. Not only is we a pioneer in the related industry, but also a reliable partner for our domestic and international partners.It is the mission of the Mpafa Group that will lead to overcoming the increasing challenges of the business world and having a win-win relationship.

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