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Production of Iran-Lahijan car upholstery parts Iran-Lahijan Auto Parts Manufacturing Parts Manufacturing Company (ISP Co) was established by the founders of the company (board of directors) as a manufacturer of one of the leading industries of the first decade of the Islamic Revolution in 1983 by obtaining an agreement in principle from the Ministry of Industry. The company is the holder of Sapco quality management system certificates, ISO / TS16949: 2009 certification, mandatory license mark application, certification certificates of the partner laboratory. Manufacture of parts with the aim of providing reliable, timely and durable partsUsing modern technology, it has provided a set of technical, engineering and control capabilities along with production lines, and by using the country's domestic facilities, including raw materials, tools and machinery, has provided the ground for the growth of automotive and continuous Follows the following goals: Production of the best quality parts Self-control in the production process Create healthy space for more production Also, the main support of all the production activities of the company are the technical documents and documents that are done by the engineering and laboratory affairs of the company.. These documents are based on the latest experiences and capabilities of the country and with the cooperation of reputable domestic and foreign companies. At present, about 70% of the company's products are allocated to large companies in the automotive industry, and the rest are offered to authorized dealerships across the country for consumption.

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