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Sale of pneumatic solenoid valve, sale of electric solenoid valve, sale of solenoid valve, sale of steam solenoid valve, asco solenoid valve, air control solenoid valve, airtac solenoid valve, brahma solenoid valve Kabir Engineers Group, a supplier of industrial parts, is ready to respond to the country's industrial demands. Selling all kinds of solenoid valves for use in pneumatic control systems from high quality European and Asian brands at wholesale prices Sell ​​bag filter electric valve in different sizes Sale of spare parts for solenoid valve, small and large diaphragm, spool, coil, thorn, socketAnd ... Sell ​​Solenoid Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Bag Filter Inflatable actuators (90 و and 180 - rotating angle - return spring) Electric actuators (on and off - gradually - 4 to 20 mA) Electric valves 2-2 (water, steam, gas, acid, normal closed and open - vacuum - diaphragm and needle model - PVC body material, steel, brass - waterproof and explosion-proof bobbin - with working pressure of 7, 10, 16 and 40 times ) Invisible solenoid valves (2-3 and 2-5 - waterproof and explosion-proof) Elephant Beg LionsWet (normal - pilot) Guillotine valves (square - motor) Butterfly valves (wafer type, log and flange - steel blade, chrome and plated bronze - Teflon rubber, silicone and NBR - in the form of gearbox, manual and motorized) Ball valves (brass and steel body material 304 and 316 - two-way and three-way in the form of L and T-threaded and flange PN 16 and class 150, 300 and 600 - motorized and manual) Engel Volvo (all steel 304, 316 and plastic head - spring back and two steering - single pilot and two pilot - threaded, welded and flange) Limit Switch Box (Proximity- Anti-explosion - normal) Sales unit for all industrial necessities with reputable European brands, including: Selling all parts of the Italian ACL brand (solenoid valve, timer, etc.) Sale of all EWO brand parts (care unit, regulator, etc.) Sale of all HYDAC brand parts (accumulator, blender, filter, etc. ...) Sale of all OLAER brand parts (accumulator, blender, etc ...) Sale of all SMC brand parts (jack, solenoid valve, sensor, etc. ...) Sale of all PARKER brand parts (solenoid valve, hose, etc. ...) Sale of all WIKA brand parts (transmitter, gauge, etc. ...)Sale of all ASCO brand parts (Volvo parasite, back filter, etc.) Sale of all FESTO brand parts (actuator, jack and solenoid valve, etc ...)

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