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History The founders of Javid Attar Trade Company in April 2004 with the establishment of their related companies To provide engineering and managerial services in engineering and tourist projects. The company's mission at that time, advice and presenting the best offers and solutions to employers, contractors and Consultants in the field of steel and tourists were based on the methods of the day of the world. Use specialized and experienced staff, Hardware and software features updated, coherent work methods and use management perspective; Founder and Founded the firm onWhich is initially at the level of international standards with reputable domestic companies and Foreign work. Among the activities taken at this point, marketing in the region of Central Asia And some Arab countries have been. In postpartum training and the importance of expanding the company's business activity by creating Under construction in Turkey, Spain, Oman and strengthen the headquarters in Iran and the city of Mashhad. Business activities have begun about import and export of these countries.

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