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Based on its experiences from the beginning of this year, this manufacturing unit focuses on various areas of design and manufacture of various items, especially electrical components of electrical connectors and branch and transmitter terminals. No copying of exterior specimens, fully native designed, and complete at all stages, from drawing and designing parts and molds to manufacturing and manufacturing of all completed projects, has taken place for many years alongside domestic and foreign industries. Neighboring activityContinuous and proud, it has emerged as a market leader and leader in the industry, making the domestic market in need of foreign counterpart products. The logo is a symbol of an electrical connector embedded in the phrase IV (Iran Venus) embossed on all products and packaging to ensure consumers' originality of the product. At present, the unit utilizes fully indigenous machines for the automatic assembly of screws for assemblyParts as the first fully domestic manufacturer, relying on the full potential of Iranian expertise, expanding its activities to complement the portfolio of new and up-to-date designs, is set to deliver the best in the industry as the first manufacturer of electrical items. To present itself. With its current facilities, the unit offers the domestic market 3 branches of branch electricity terminals and 3,000 houses of two types of electricity and three houses (transistors) in different models monthly and is ready to strengthen the current situation. PIt will also be the world market. According to the needs of the domestic and foreign markets, this unit produces all kinds of electrical connectors and wiring fittings, relying on domestic facilities, and utilizing the latest technical know-how in its agenda to improve quality and alleviate existing failures. At present, this production unit is operating in two production phases with an area of ​​2 square meters in industrial town which in the first phase produce brass parts in different sizes and dimensions and the second phase is injection molding and plastic parts with Technology RBuzz is busy.

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