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Intelligent technical services Currently, there are many stores online or physically that can meet the needs of the community, but due to the variety of items needed and its great variety, it is not possible to provide all these goods in one store. On the other hand, if we consider a hypothetical store with these conditions, buying from that store is very difficult and confusing. Obviously, by specializing in a topic, you can better cover it and work in that field. Intelligent technical services of a storeIt is a specialized repair shop that works exclusively on home appliance parts so that it can be more useful and up-to-date in this field. Smart technical service goods Smart Technical Services is a home appliance repair and maintenance unit that offers services such as repairing, selling vacuum cleaner accessories, hair dryers, shaving machines, irons, blenders, blenders, food processors, steamers, meat grinders, electric meat grinder, and grinders. Offers fans, electric samovars, electrical cosmetics and other home appliances. The main reason for this is to provide a storeComprehensive for all parts of home appliances. Start of activity Smart Technical Services has started its activities in the field of repairing and selling home appliance parts since 1976, and to this day, its main goal has always been honesty, commitment, fairness, excellent quality and, most importantly, customer satisfaction. All goods are provided according to excellent standards and quality. Smart Technical Services Brand Smart Technical Services started its brand with the smart name that is its own last name, and its logo is from the current state of writing (intelligence) with the designer.The approval of the Graphic Association of Qazvin province was changed. All products offered by Smart Technical Services have a smart brand and a smart logo can be seen on them. The Smart Brand No. 312433 has been registered with the State Property and Documents Registration Organization (Spiritual Property Center) and any copying of it is subject to legal prosecution. Smart logo Smart Technical Services, Mirbhas (Parts Sales and Home Appliance Repair) permissions Smart technical services allow all customers to obtain the required legal permits so that customers can make their purchases with easeHas received. Symbol of electronic trust from the e-commerce development center of the Ministry of Industry and Mines National Registration Mark (Digital Media) from the Digital Media Information Technology Center Another thing that the smart online store values ​​a lot is transparency in shopping, so that you will receive exactly the same product that you saw the image and read its specifications if you buy, and in no way. Counterfeit goods will not be sent to you. * It should be noted that smart technical services are not available anywhere in the countryApart from the central unit based in Qazvin, it has no other dealership. Of course, due to the sale of goods sold with smart brands all over the country, you may see it in various stores, but this does not mean that the store is representative. Ways of communication Address : Qazvin, Ayatollah Taleghani St., next to Mahtab Cinema Postal Code 3418644697 Phone Call: 028332225140 09034445140 Instagram :  Hooshmandy.ir Telegram:  Hoseinhooshmandy Emo: 09034445140 Whatsapp: 09034445140

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