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With its entrepreneurial approach, Habad Bread Production Group tries to offer its customers health, nutritious, delicious, quality, sustainable and hygienic products by recognizing the needs of different segments of society in the field of bread and snacks. The forthcoming product, which uses wholemeal flour and does not contain any baking soda or other preservatives, under the completely hygienic conditions, observing the time of initial fermentation (2 hours) and secondary fermentation (20 minutes), traditionally in Indoor clay ovens with approximate cooking timeCooking and packing B vitamins for 20 minutes. Due to the completeness of its flour and the use of vegetable additives such as sesame, black seed, fenugreek, fennel, etc., this bread, in addition to its high fiber content, has many properties that are useful for different people. To adapt to the tastes of different people in various flavors of dry wheat bread • Simple sesame wheat dry bread • Dried wheat bread, sesame and fennel • Dried wheat bread, sesame and black seed • Dried wheat bread, fragrant vegetables • Dried wheat bread, onion and parsley • BreadSimple dried sesame barley • Dried bread barley fragrant vegetables  500 g packs that are suitable for use in families, children, pregnant and lactating women, the elderly and diabetics, gastrointestinal, obesity and constipation;  150 g packs that are suitable for use at work and travel;  Special packages combined with yogurt, breakfast chocolate, curd and eggplant, etc., which are suitable for employees, students, friendly circles, the military, patients and staff of hospitals and passengers of the intercity transportation network as a healthy snack. Be. HopeWith the efforts and perseverance of the agents of this collection, your trust and support, dear customers and the help of God Almighty, we can take effective steps to maintain the health of the community and we ask you, dear customers, to help us in this way by presenting your suggestions and criticisms.

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