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Golparan Complex was launched by a group of students from the city of Qaenat (the capital of saffron) in order to provide a high quality and organic product. The main purpose of this collection was to identify the problems of the farmers in the area of ​​selling their strategic products such as saffron, jujube, barberry and so on. After identifying the problems of the farmers in this area we tried to take a firm step by eliminating the intermediaries in selling the products and the immediate purchase of the customers from the farmers in order to obtain the satisfaction of the farmers and solve most of their problems. After the reviewsThe accomplished problem was the general public's lack of confidence in access to quality and organic products; the Golparan Collection uses all its efforts to always provide quality and organic products with the confidence and satisfaction of dear buyers.

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Iranian's Saffron is a mocktail of Golparan cain


Iranian's Berries jujube for export 250 gr

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