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Manufacturer of chillers, packages, air conditioners and Fenquil Units in Iran Ehsan Afrooz Industrial Group was initially registered for the purpose of providing residential, commercial and industrial gas services under the name Ehsan Gas (year 4). The company's services were limited to a number of cities. As the company expanded its operations and staff increased, the company slowly expanded its operations and entered the new space of mechanical installation services throughout Iran (Ehsan Afrooz Mashal). 1) As Chinese goods enter the country, policy makers of Ehsan A.Forrest, however, took a small step in reducing the dependence of our beloved country on these mostly low-quality goods, and with the merger of several small manufacturing companies (Year 2) and with the help of Almighty God, they were able to produce a rich resume in a short time. Ehsan Afrooz Industrial Group has now marketed its products which include all kinds of cool air compressor chillers, cool water condenser chillers, rooftop package unit, air conditioner and phenolic unit.


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