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Alborz Biotech Leader Production Company is a biotech unit active in the production of biofertilizers and plant growth promoting compounds that has been operating since the beginning of 2013. The company was established at the very beginning as a biotech unit to perform Product Research and Development Affairs deployed at the Technology Development Center of Shahid Beheshti University to utilize the facility's capabilities to develop its product. Due to the completion of the company's research process and the need to launch a workshop for production at the pilot pilot levels, Required licensesM moved to its current location in Alborz Science and Technology Park in October 1994 and at the same time was accepted as a knowledge-based company. In 1995, its license was granted to the Organization of Industry, Mine and Trade in May 2006. The company obtained a certificate of fertilizer registration from the Ministry of Agriculture's Soil and Water Institute. The company believes that not replacing soil nutrients with chemical fertilizers to achieve economic performance should not endanger the health of the soil, environment and soils. Valuable Biological ResourcesCheck it out. Therefore, based on its six-year vision program in the field of organic, organic and organic fertilizers and in the direction of sustainable agriculture development and creation of food safety and community health, the company has always been committed to direct production and supply of healthy and standard products and cultures. Promoting and encouraging farmers to reduce their use of fertilizers and replace them with organic and organic fertilizers will do their utmost to become one of the most successful hubs in the country in supplying healthy and reliable crops.

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