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Nooshan Gol Persia Company in 2008 in order to innovate in creating and producing all kinds of instant drinks, including teas, teas; Established medicinal plants and coffee. This company has been registered in a special joint stock category under No. 427 with the Iranian Companies Registration Organization with the main purpose of producing a new type of packaging for tea and tea and similar compounds in a special structure called Delopeh. This structure has been introduced to the audience for the first time following the patent license number 389110032 by this company and has been made available to them. The structure of Deloitte products usingNatural and plant materials, corn starch and based on biodegradability are prepared and produced. This complex, with the benefit of complete and modern equipment and facilities, also in its development and research (R&D) section, creates various plant compounds that have useful properties to maintain physical health, nerves and gastrointestinal tract, and ultimately keep the environment clean. Has done. After initial sampling, these compounds are tested by the laboratory department of the primary production company and after performing all the necessary tests and examinations by the Deputy Minister of Food and Drugs.Alborz Province Standard Office is also a reliable and useful product for different tastes, in this regard, it has succeeded in obtaining certificates and internal approvals, including the national standard, as well as ISO 9001, ISO 22000, 18000 ohsas, ISO 14001, as well as certificates between International FDA registration and halal has been made by the Iranian Food Industry Association. This complex has a high production capacity, by creating employment directly for Alborz province and indirectly for the country, and finally the realization of exports will cause currency appreciation for the country..

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