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Living in big cities as well as big metropolises, on the one hand, has a higher relative well-being due to access to more facilities. But on the other hand, traffic and air pollution in these cities have become one of the main challenges for residents. With the help of bicycles and electric scooters, the problem of traffic and pollution can be solved to some extent. But using a bicycle also has many challenges. For example, cycling on steep slopes, or even horizontally but over long distances, is very difficult. Also possible cyclingCan cause injury to the knee. The problem of bicycle theft is another problem that cyclists face. All these problems can be solved to a large extent with the help of bicycles and electric scooters. Kimia Andisheh Darkoob Company has been established with the aim of solving the above problems, with the help of local experts with the intention of serving our compatriots to have a healthier society and a cleaner air. The main activity of the company is the production of bicycles and sometimes electric scooters. But the company is also entering other areas of technology related to green technologieshad.

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