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Burmor has been active in the field of organic honey purchase from beekeepers since 1995 and its supply to end consumers. Honey has been introduced in the Holy Quran as a healing substance, but many people are unaware of its properties and benefits. The Bermur collection aims to encourage its customers to use honey on a daily basis by providing them with complete information about natural and organic honey, so that they can benefit from its amazing benefits. Burmese honey is made by experienced beekeepers who have been involved in honey production for many yearsWade, beekeepers who, in addition to professional honesty, are transparent in providing information about their honey. In addition to carefully selecting beekeepers and trusting their honesty in the quality, originality and organicity of the product, Bormor has also tested the honey offered to ensure 100% confidence in what is being offered. Our effort in Burmor is to fully satisfy your dear customers in the production of organic honey that is produced directly from non-factory producer sources, ie trusted beekeepers. The important thing is that bad customersNot to mention that different prices of honey are subject to supply and demand in the market, and unlike the famous one, the amount of sucrose, although it affects the price of the product, is not the main criterion for pricing. Regarding the honey offered, the Bermur collection states that the authenticity of all products is guaranteed, and if customers are not logically satisfied with the saturated honey, they are ready to return it and return the cost, because customer satisfaction is the main goal. The activities of the collection are Burmese. So with full confidence buy your organic honey from "Honey House Brewer"Do.

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