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Manufacturer of Automotive Consumables A supportive manufacturing workshop capable of operating under the supervision of the Welfare Organization is active in the manufacture and production of automotive consumables (water radiators, -30 degree glassware and air filters). Workshop products have quality assurance to the promotional standard and all products are guaranteed to sell and can compete with reputable domestic and foreign brands. The products can be manufactured with skilled and skilled personnel and with the help of people with severe disabilities and quality control of this manufacturer's products reflects the standardsThe top is qualitative. The partnership of the production complex with the East Azarbaijan Piyar Production Company, which is specialized in the production of all kinds of automotive consumables, especially air filters for different types of cars, guarantees the need of applicants with a variety of tastes and interests.

Oil, filters and fluids

Iranian's Radiator water to power
Iranian's Car wash
  • Car wash
  • Quantity in pack: 4 piece
  • Price of one piece : 0.50 $
  • Price per package : 2 $

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