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Avisa Plast Green is the only manufacturer of disposable nylon and paper, the largest and most versatile brand of cellulose products with the lowest price without intermediate, and the highest quality of products including 2m paper towel 1m 2m (2m wide) 1m 2m 1 meter high "Milk 2 meters" high 2 meters Luxury carbonless tablecloths 2 meters Superluxed tablecloths 2 meters Gold and silver Freezer tablecloths trash bag box rolls in three sizes Boxes napkins and paper towels۰ Mugs ۱۲۰ Mugs ۱۸۰ Mugs ۲۲۰ Mugs ۳۶۰ Mugs ۱۰۰۰ (Popcorn) Popcorn (1) Ice cream (1) Potato Mugs Birthday Theme دی Numeric Birthday Theme پیش Numeric

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Iranian's Whole glass glass CC ۲۲۰

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