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Anahita Fluid Transplant Company (Private Joint Stock Company) in 2008 in order to cut the country's dependence on the import of various types of repair clamps and various types of stainless steel (stainless steel) branches in water and sewage companies and other industries including oil, gas, Petrochemical and marine industries are used in the field of industry and by producing these devices based on international standards and receiving ISO 9001 certification in quality management and also receiving the factory standard mark in the production of these products from the Standards and Industrial Research Organization of Iran and meeting the needs Country MarketDuring the past years and gaining the maximum satisfaction of domestic consumers, it caused foreign competitors to leave Iran and completely cut off the country's dependence on these products. Therefore, relying on previous brilliant records and high technical ability of the personnel of this production unit, the senior management of the company in the development phase of this unit since 2016, research and study to produce stainless steel radiators (stainless steel) used in the construction industry. Put on its agenda that after two years of continuous research from the beginning of 1397 succeeded in mass production of this product withIt became the brand of Art Raadiator, which we hope will be as proud as in the past and will provide satisfaction to our dear compatriots in the construction industry.

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