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Specialized manufacturer of irrigation and irrigation equipment and green space products. Aria Tiab's Motion and Life and Soil Life goes back to the Shalchian family's six-year career. When the late Morteza Shalchian Tabrizi traveled to Germany, Switzerland and the occupied territories for specialized and technical training to set up the first pipe and fitting plant in Iran, the result was the technical establishment and production of these products in Iran. In the following years, especially during the imposed war, he used his expertise to set up many non-stop plastic factories.It was only during this period that he founded the PolyPars production unit. Iman Shalchian Tabrizi, after completing his master's degree in mechanical engineering, was responsible for quality control, then the quality assurance manager and later as the director of the polyethylene pipe production plant at his father's. From production to consumption, developing business activities with other business partners, receiving feedback and customer needs, and moving it to the production body, independently set up Aria Water and Soil Company.

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