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Omdex website is a platform for online wholesale trade that connects suppliers across Iran directly to wholesale buyers of various industries products.

The company was founded in 2016 by Parisa Haji Rahimi, Ramtin Kazemi, and Farshid Rezaian. Omdex company (Fidar Kavosh Houshmand) has been registered on October 2019. The prosperity of Iranian production, the growth of the Iranian manufacturer, and the facilitation of wholesale purchasing are goals that have been accomplished from the outset by all deliberate activities to achieve them.

In this regard, Omdex has taken various steps for respectable suppliers and buyers.

Omdex services for buyers

Omdex services for manufacturers

With the help of Omdex platform, domestic producers can gain more sales opportunities and find more buyers for their products. Also, with Omdex, wholesale buyers can find their desired product in the shortest possible time and communicate with the supplier of that product without any intermediary.

Omdex Online Wholesale

The mission of the Omdex online wholesale shop site is to help manufacturers of high quality Iranian goods to facilitate business and overcome barriers in the traditional market, through an IT-based tool.

Omdex team values :

Omdex Online Wholesale

Helping manufacturers growth for effective competition in trade and competing with similar foreign products across Iran.

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About Us

Making it possible to sell products to all parts of Iran

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