3 major food companies canceled export of food and medicine to Iran

The Reuters news agency quoted the sources as saying that the contracts of several large international food companies export of food and medicine to Iran have been canceled due to barriers resulting from unilateral US financial and banking sanctions against Iran.

According to the report, two American companies Cargill and Bunge, as well as OLAM, due to US sanctions, signed a new contract for the export of wheat, corn Raw sugar, and other food items to Iran, because Western banks do not exchange money with Iran because of US sanctions.

Export of food and medicine to Iran

The US authorities, according to the slogan, claim that their sanctions do not include food and medicine and medical and agricultural items, but European officials have repeatedly warned that due to the lack of financial transactions related to Iran from large international banks and even banks Moderate, there may be serious disturbances in the export of food and medicine to Iran.

An official at the Ministry of Intelligence in Iran, who did not want to be named, confirmed that there was a problem in this regard, told Reuters Iran is in consultation with the European authorities in order to create as soon as possible financial channels that disturb imports of food and medicine Prevent this country.

According to Reuters, food, medicine and other basic goods needed by the Iranian people have been exempted from US sanctions against Iran, but US sanctions targeting oil sales, financial exchanges, transport, and economic activities have led foreign banks out of all The economic sectors of Iran include humanitarian contracts.

According to Reuters, even the majority of smaller banks that have been in contact with Iran have stopped any deal with Iran, in contrast to the previous round of sanctions.

“There is no real chance to make payments with the current mechanism, and now many international companies are not able to do new business with Iran,” a European source told Reuters.


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Source: Reuters

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